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We offer two types of condition survey; a Homebuyer or a Detailed Building Survey.  The choice of which is most appropriate will depend upon the age and level of detail you require (see on). Also, you should consider the condition of the property when deciding upon the type of survey.  If the property is in relatively poor condition and/or has structural issues then a Homebuyer Survey is not appropriate. 


There are two options with the Detailed Building Survey; one with or without a valuation and insurance reinstatement figure


Please see the summary below;


Homebuyers Report

This is a general internal and external inspection aimed at highlighting urgent and essential repairs likely to cost significant amounts of money. The aim of this is to enable a purchaser to make an informed decision whether or not to buy.

The report is restricted to those parts of the property which are open and readily available for inspection. In other words, sealed hatches are not opened, furniture is not moved, carpets are not pulled back and floor boards are not lifted.

The focus of the report is on the main building.  Only a cursory inspection of outbuildings takes place.

Each part of the building is assessed by a ‘traffic light’ rating highlighting issues that require varying degrees of attention. Issues that require further investigation will be highlighted by the ‘traffic light’ rating.

The report includes advice on repairs and ongoing maintenance.

The report includes general information on location, environmental considerations, planning and legal matters that require addressing before exchange of contracts.

The report includes an opinion of the current market value of the property. An insurance reinstatement valuation is provided.

This type of survey is suitable when buying a conventional house, flat or bungalow, built from common building materials and in reasonable condition.  The report is not suitable for older properties or properties of non-traditional construction.  In such cases a survey providing a greater level of detail is required.

Detailed Building Survey(Summarising) (DBS)

This is a detailed internal and external inspection of the property. The surveyor will attempt to access all areas provided that there is no risk of damage to the property (or the surveyor!).


All Building Surveys vary. We include contingency costs for repairs. The report is in ‘plain-English.' The summarising report presents the repairing issues in ‘bullet-point’ style. This type of survey is suitable for all property. 

The DBS report is split into sections;


Section 1. General information, past history, environmental considerations, planning and legal matters.

Section II. External /internal construction details.

Section III. Structural matters (including issues relating to subsidence and other forms of structural movement).

Section IV. External repairs and observations (including defects; what needs to be done to put them right plus, where ever possible/appropriate, an estimated cost of repair).

Section V.  Internal repairs and observations   (including observations on what needs to be done to rectify the defect and, where ever possible/appropriate, an estimated cost of repair).

Section VI. Domestic services (visual inspection only)

Section VII. Summary and conclusions (including summary tables of repairing liabilities categorised as urgent and non urgent).

Section VIII.  (Optional, see above)  Valuation and insurance reinstatement value.


For further details please see the RICS information below;

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RICS YouTube Clips;

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